Marhoom U. Ahmed Hussain
Founder President (1956-1969)

Late Dr.Frances Maria Yasa
B.A, M.S.W.,Ph.D.
Founder Director (1956-1969)

Dr. U. Amir Hussain
Founder Secretary

Old building of Crescent welfare centre,
founded on 4th november 1956

Crescent welfare centre, aquired its own primises in 1980

Crescent English Medium School before extension

Present Crescent English medium school after its extension being done in 2017

    Education is the wealth of knowledge which is being acquired by the individuals after learning from years of schooling which provides the power of understanding. Education has benefited to all the individuals by imparting knowledge required for the creative and successful global citizens.
    The first education institution, CRESCENT WELFARE CENTRE, devoted to women empowerment was started on 4th November 1956. This non government organization was founded with indispensible advice and inspiring ethics, by Late Dr Frances Maria Yasas, a professional social worker from England under U.N.O. and Late U. Ahmed Hussain, a well known businessman and social worker.

    CRESCENT WELFARE CENTRE developed gradually to enforce the forceful enthusiasm in Muslims who showed initiative to render ideal service. Later in 1991 after realizing that the knowledge could be attained only through English education, it was established as CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL.
    CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL manages school having classes for play school, Nursery school, primary school, higher primary school and high school. The first batch of tenth standard was started in the academic year 2002-2003. The school also provides the knowledge of computer and Arabic to the students from standard 1st. The school extensively feels deep pleasure on expressing that the 10th standard students have secured the best results in the Board examination for the last four consecutive years by their brilliancy. This brilliancy was encouraged and CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL constructed the school building at the cost of Rs. 20 lakhs in 1998-99 and the centre purchased adjacent land and constructed additional building with small playground at a cost of Rs 15 lakhs. Thus it was attained by the massive efforts of our General Secretary, Mr. M. Sheriff and enthusiastic support of humanitarians of our community. President B Ahamed Hajee Mohiuddeen and founder secretary Dr Amir Husain also rendered loyal services and devoted their lives in attaining the success of the SCHOOL. The SCHOOL takes the initiative to start the fully developed women’s college, an institute of fashion designing and Information Technology education. It has a passionate trainer to introduce the moral values among the children along with the syllabus. This SCHOOL believes in bringing the economic empowerment and independence of women. If women are given opportunities for education they will be able to bring changes in socio-economic activities and thus improve the development and prosperity of our country. The Craft and Tailoring is devoted mainly for the women’s welfare and forecasts to provide them the justifiable foundation for the self employment and independence. The SCHOOL has predicted an enthusiastic program to start a Garment Export Unit particularly to strengthen the power of women by publishing their talent. This will lead to the provision of employment to women in particular.
    CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL has overcome many hindrances with quiet courage in pain. The institute has succeeded in instigating the awareness among the people regarding the present social situation easily. The more favorable sections of society has become sensitive to the misery of their less favorable male members and are coming forward with their desire to promote the welfare of others towards improving the life of oppressed. CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL emphasized virtuous indication towards society. The importance of education in society is indispensible. It promotes equality and wellness among the individuals regardless of caste and creed. Thus this SCHOOL justifies the trust of all men and women by receiving continuous co-operation, assistance and sponsorship from them.