Old building of Crescent welfare centre

Members of welfare centre

The history of the CRESCENT WELFARE CENTRE begins when Prophet Mohammad was asked a question, -‘What is Islam?’, and the answer given by him was “Knowledge is the soul of Islam”. Aiming to this point of view CRESCENT WELFARE CENTRE was established on 4th November 1956 by few cultured and devoted Muslims of Mangalore with Mr. U. Ahmed Husain as a founder President. They improved the social, economic and educational conditions of backward, depressed women, children and youth of the community. Since its establishment it was located in rental building. In the year 1980, it started school activities in its own premises which appeared a new perception to extend everybody’s dream of an educated society subscribing extremely towards the progressive nation. In 1991 CRESCENT WELFARE CENTRE was established as CRESCENT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL as it was noticed that knowledge could be gained only through English Education.